Maple Syrup Grades
New York Pure Maple Syrup by weight must contain no less than 66 percent sugar and is classified according to its color. The darker the syrup, the stronger the maple taste. ( All grades made to same standards.)

Golden Color Delicate Taste - Pale Golden color with mild and delicate maple flavor. (Old Light Amber Grade)

Amber Color Rich Taste - Tawny Amber color syrup with rich maple flavor. This is the most popular syrup for table use. (Old Medium Amber Grade)

Dark Color Robust Taste - Dark Bronze color with full -bodied maple flavor that prefered by many. (Old Dark Amber Grade)

Very Dark Color Strong Taste - (Old Extra Dark for Cooking Grade or Grade B)

Maple Molded Sugar - Made by boiling down pure maple syrup, stiring it as it cools and pouring into molds for harding.

Maple Cream - A spread made by boiling pure maple syrup to a lower temperature than sugar, cooling and then stiring.

Granulated Maple Sugar - Maple Syrup made into granulated sugar that can be used in place of cane sugar. Use as a maple flavored sweetener.

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Pricing for 2023

Pure Maple Syrup

Gallon - $50.00

Half Gallon - $30.00

Quart - $19.00

Pint - $11.00

Half Pint - $7.00

25.4 oz Glass Maple Leaf - $22.00

8.45 oz Glass Maple Leaf - $11.00

1.7 oz Glass Maple Leaf - $4.00

Maple Sugar

2 oz - $3.00

Maple Cream

8 oz - $8.00

16 oz - $14.00

Maple Jelly

7.5 oz - $5.00

Granulated Maple Sugar

4 oz - $5.00

8 oz - $8.00

16 oz - $14.00

32 oz - $25.00


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